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039 - EYDOLON by SkarmorySilver 039 - EYDOLON by SkarmorySilver
The Gazing Pokémon
"With four unblinking eyes, an EYDOLON is capable of seeing in any direction. It communicates with its fellows by transmitting strange signals through its gazes, which only those it's communicating with can understand."
"Drawn to high-ranking authorities, these mysterious Pokémon are suspected of influencing many world-changing decisions. Legends say that the original EYDOLON still exists, watching the entire world through its many eyes."

Type: Light
Height: 2'8"
Weight: 20 lbs
Ability: Levitate
Evolution: EYSPY --> Level 20 --> EYDOLON --> Dawn Stone --> EYPHANIM
Egg Groups: Amorphous

Basis: The Eye of Providence.
Name Origin: Eye + Eidolon (the Greek word for an image or spirit).

Moves Learned: Same as EYSPY, with added moves moves Flash, Signal Beam, Thunder Wave, and Laser Cutter.*
Notable Other Moves: Same as EYSPY.

Base Stats:
HP: 60
Attack: 30
Defense: 33
Sp.Atk: 70
Sp.Def: 62
Speed: 55
TOTAL: 310

*For more information on the Light type and the italicized moves listed, check out the updated guide



I actually managed to finish Eydolon at around the same time as his pre-evolution, so up he goes! :D

Eydolon was created simply as a bridge between Eyspy and his final form, which I have yet to actually work on but will get to as soon as I can. Both of them were created entirely using Autodesk Inventor and Photoshop, with no pencil-sketched elements whatsoever - a real challenge for someone who usually makes hand-drawn designs! But I think the geometric form is appropriate for such a freaky, ethereal concept. Simply put, Eydolon is literally the Illuminati, in more ways than one! Both the pyramid-eye symbol (though I moved it down from the top a la Bill Cipher) and the actual supposed organization. There's a slight influence from Master-Rainbow's Demrifnoc, and I hope I didn't accidentally plagiarize from that badass design, but Eydolon ain't no force of evil, so there's that. Hey, if Aegislash could influence kings in the ancient past, well... :whistle:

Eydolon doesn't get any fancy new additions to his stats or movepool. I simply changed them up based on his role; his HP and Speed get slight boosts, the special stats are increased more substantially, and only the physical defense gets a buff, by only 10 points. Notice how Eydolon gets a little slower, relatively speaking as he evolves, which fits his role upon reaching his final stage of evolution... which should be coming once I get around to actually modeling the bugger. It's gonna be a biggun! ;)

Pokémon © Nintendo
EYDOLON and the Light type are mine!
Master-Rainbow Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL, its googly eyes look so funny!

Favorited! ;)
SkarmorySilver Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
Thanks on both counts! As noted, I tried not to make this design too similar to yours, and now I feel I've succeeded! :)
KrazyKari Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh, this would be so controversial if it were an actual Pokemon. XD Because you know, the illuminati and shit. 
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