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040 - EYPHANIM by SkarmorySilver 040 - EYPHANIM by SkarmorySilver
The Ethereal Pokémon
"These mysterious Pokémon have been revered since ancient times, with entire civilizations built around the worship of their power. Legends tell of EYPHANIM carrying the thrones of the gods themselves with their mystical powers."
"An EYPHANIM's gaze alone is said to dispel evil, and charms in its visage are often carried by sages as tokens of good fortune. It seems to originate from a realm beyond mortal comprehension, though why it manifests in our world remains unclear."

Type: Light
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 70 lbs
Ability: Levitate
Evolution: EYSPY --> Level 20 --> EYDOLON --> Dawn Stone --> EYPHANIM
Egg Groups: Amorphous

Basis: An Ophanim.
Name Origin: Eye + Ophanim.

Moves Learned: Same as EYSPY and EYDOLON, with added moves moves Moonlight, Twister, Hyper Beam, and Solar Flare**.
Notable Other Moves: Same as EYSPY and EYDOLON. Notable TMs are of the Fire-type like Fire Blast and Incinerate.

Base Stats:
HP: 90
Attack: 50
Defense: 43
Sp.Atk: 160
Sp.Def: 122
Speed: 70
TOTAL: 535

*For more information on the Light type and the italicized moves listed, check out the updated guide

** Solar Flare
Category: Special
Type: Light
Power: 110
PP: 5
Accuracy: 100%
The user charges up energy, and then produces a powerful burst of white-hot light that hits all adjacent opponents. It may also inflict a burn.
(Note: Has -3 priority a la Focus Punch, but always hits even if the user has its HP reduced to 0 on the same turn. In double or triple battles, this move always goes last.)
e.g. "Eyphanim's HP dropped to 0! Eyphanim used Solar Flare! Eyphanim fainted!"



Whoo-wee! This was a pain to make, particularly because I had to rely on the mouse and keyboard alone to put the whole thing together! Autodesk Inventor, you are my bestest friend when it comes to making inorganic Pokémon. Ugh, never doing that again... Sad Angel 

As you can tell from the name, Eyphanim is based on the Ophanim, or Thrones, which were originally the wheels of the Biblical chariot of Heaven as seen in the book of Ezekiel. Later interpretations described them as angels and ultimately as the guardians of the throne of God. The concept of an ophanim Pokémon was more or less the entire reason why I decided on something based off eyeballs as the three-stage premiere Light-type, because I couldn't just settle for a simple kid-with-wings angel! I wanted to show off how truly alien spiritual beings can be, and really, how many people would guess that a possible form for a servant of Heaven was a flaming eye-wheel? ;)

While the specific stat spread of Eyphanim isn't based on anything specific, the massive stat hike and the use of an evolutionary stone give this line the vibe of being a Light-type counterpart to Florges. Which makes sense, seeing as both lines are three-stagers meant to introduce a new type. While Florges is defensive in build, however, Eyphanim is a specially offensive tank with some useful support niches. A plethora of Light-type moves as well as various other attacks like Twister, Signal Beam, and Solar Beam. Not satisfied with just light? Turn up the heat and turn down enemy attack power with Fire Blast - or the powerful Solar Flare! Watch out for physical fighters, though, and try to take them out with your teammates before unleashing Eyphanim's fury.

Overall, I hope this entire line was worth the effort that went into it, and I certainly will bless you all with more Light-types in the future. Until then, behold! Let's show them the power of the light! :yeehaw: 

Pokémon © Nintendo
EYPHANIM and the Light type are mine!
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